How To Use Waffle Maker Reviews

Nothing tastes better at the start of the day than a freshly baked, sweet smelling breakfast waffle. Until recently perfect waffle making was too laborious and involved to be an everyday occurrence for the average family.

How many people want to go out to ‘take away’ purchased waffles at that time of the morning? Not many, as it doesn’t fit into the normal flow of a family breakfast time. This issue has been addressed in recent years so that good, efficient machines are now available to help you make the perfect waffle with relative ease every day if you so wish. The following video shows one typical waffle maker currently available in the market place:

The good news is that a wide range of models are now available from numerous of manufacturers. The less-good news is that the shear range makes it difficult to know where to start, in choosing the right waffle maker to buy.

For instance, you may not feel that the shape of the machine is an important factor of choice in the quality of the waffle produced, but you would be wrong. The classic round machine heats up faster than other machines, while the old established square waffle maker has a more even distribution of heat.

To further complicate matters, waffle makers can be bought that come in a multitude of shapes: round, square, rectangular, Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and heart shaped to name just a few. In addition, waffle machines produce a particular thickness of waffle, some produce thick waffles others produce thin ones. All of this is to cater for differing personal taste about the finished waffle. In the same vein, different machines will produce either one single waffle or a number of smaller ones depending on which machine you choose to buy.

It is clear that personal preference is at the forefront when looking to buy a modern waffle maker. Then of course you have the decision as to which features you want your machine to have in respect of the actual baking process. Do you want basic controls only or do you want a fully featured electronically controlled machine with digital display that keeps you informed with all the information you could ever want, as to how well the waffle is cooking?

When it comes to cleaning after use, there is a lot to be said for choosing a waffle maker that has non-stick cast iron plates and a stainless steel case.

You can see from the above that there are almost too many things to consider when choosing the right waffle maker machine for you and your family.

The way to deal with this is to use a search engine (such as Google) and search for ‘best waffle makers’. This will return a myriad of websites, such as which feature reviews of all the top waffle maker machines and show how they rate them against each other. Pre-armed with this information, go to the website of, or other big internet retailer or store, and read the customer reviews of your likely choice (or choices). This will give you a good feel about your chosen product and what current users think, as well as highlighting some ‘nitty gritty’ facts that might influence your choice.

Finally, before making the purchase, go to a local supermarket or hardware store to inspect first-hand the actual machines they have on show.

Only then pay your money and take your choice.